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The PM Pout

The lip filler treatment package designed for results.

$615 (normally $858)
The Peachy Pout lip filler treatment package.

Revanesse Lips+

Lasting up to 12 months, Revanesse Lips+ is the longest lasting filler available. Patients see 50% less unwanted swelling than other lip fillers. Lips+ also comes with 20% more product per syringe than other fillers. Lips+ has the highest content of HA (hyaluronic acid), which helps promote hydration.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light therapy is a safe treatment for stimulating collagen growth in the skin, as well as helping prevent swelling and bruising if done immediately after getting filler.

Alastin's Post-Injection Serum is specifically designed to aide in reducing swelling and bruising after a lip filler injection. INhance's TriHex technology helps to clear out old, damaged proteins and replenish skin with new elastin and collagen. ChromaFADE technology, also found in INhance, accelerates recovery from post-injection bruising to shorten downtime and provide immediate and long-lasting relief.

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