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  1. There is no guarantee of results with cosmetic procedures. While desired results may in most cases be achievable, in some cases desired results cannot be achieved despite the treatment. The treatments and protocols in place have been proven to be effective however, there is not a 100% probability of success.

  2. Procedures can be delivered perfectly, and your body may react differently to the procedure.

  3. We do not issue refunds for failure to achieve a desired result under any circumstances.

  4. If you partake in services with PM Aesthetics you acknowledge and understand the reality that that desired outcomes are not guaranteed and there are no refunds if your desired outcome is not achieved.

  5. Patients must agree not to “chargeback” with their bank or credit card company for any services performed by PM Aesthetics in order to receive services with PM Aesthetics.

  6. Payment is expected in full for any service performed on or before the day of the procedure.

  7. If you are concerned the procedure did not achieve the desired result we encourage you to reach out to us so we can see if additional treatments will help you. Unfortunately, not all patients medically qualify for additional treatment or additional treatment may worsen outcomes. Finally, we care about our patients if you are dissatisfied with services we will always talk to you about what options are available.

  8. All sales are final. There are no refunds for deposits, packages, or credits on accounts. You may exchange the unused purchase for any products or services offered at the clinic.

  9. You cannot transfer an account credit or package to another individual.

  10. If you dispute a credit card transaction and the clinic loses, we will send the amount disputed to a collection agency.

Black Friday Notice: All prices will be raised in 2023 due to inflation. Sale starts 11/22/22 and ends midnight 11/28/22. All Black Friday pricing is final and will not be extended for any reason or honored on another date. All purchases are final and are not refundable under any circumstances. All purchases remain valid on a patient account for one (1) year. All Black Friday pricing cannot be combined with any other offer, deal, or discount. Purchases cannot be exchanged for other services or products. We will not remind you of the pricing. It is your responsibility to claim the discounted pricing, otherwise you are welcome to pay full price.

Refund Policies: Text
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