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The PM Perfection

Be uncompromising.

Starting at $950
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The RHA Collection

The most advanced line of filler available, RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) Filler is created using a gentle process that results in HA that more closely resembles the HA that naturally occurs in your face. RHA is designed to withstand facial dynamics and produce a natural appearance at rest. Use RHA for mild to deep-set wrinkles and lines for long-lasting results.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light therapy is a safe treatment for stimulating collagen growth in the skin, as well as helping prevent swelling and bruising if done immediately after getting filler.

Alastin's Post-Injection Serum is specifically designed to aide in reducing swelling and bruising after a filler injection. INhance's TriHex technology helps to clear out old, damaged proteins and replenish skin with new elastin and collagen. ChromaFADE technology, also found in INhance, accelerates recovery from post-injection bruising to shorten downtime and provide immediate and long-lasting relief.

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